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I know it has been a few years since my Kickstarter campaign ended. I have put out a few new tarot card paintings since then, but it has been slow going. I moved, I had a surgery, and I took a job working 50-70 hours a week! As you all know, life is crazy! I have always wanted to try something a little different than Facebook and Kickstarter for projects. I always wondered what it would be like for fans to subscribe to what I'm doing and have content made just for them! With Facebook it is hit and miss as to whether or not even 10% of my supporters see my posts. I don't have time to keep up here very much either, so I thought this might be a great way to hang out with a smaller, more intimate group of people! And Kickstarter, well, it was all or nothing, and I have a lot left to share! I'm going to start creating a world on Patreon no matter how many join me!

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